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Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer for property management fees for a conservation shophouse in Singapore. The cost can vary depending on several factors:

Size of the shophouse: Larger shophouses will naturally incur higher maintenance costs.
Location: Shophouses in prime locations might have higher management fees due to potentially more complex maintenance needs or security arrangements.
Age and condition: Older shophouses might require more frequent maintenance, leading to potentially higher fees.
Scope of services offered: Some management companies provide basic services like cleaning and security, while others offer a wider range of services (e.g., pest control, gardening) which will be reflected in the fees.
Here are some suggestions to get a better idea of the fees for a specific conservation shophouse:

Contact the property management company: If the shophouse is currently under management, they can provide you with the exact cost structure for their services.
Talk to the seller or current owner: They should be able to share the current management fees they are paying.
Research similar shophouses: Look for shophouses in the same area and of a similar size. Property listings might sometimes mention the estimated management fees.
Additional Tips:

Consider factors beyond just the fees. A reputable management company with a proven track record in handling conservation shophouses might be worth a slightly higher fee.
Factor in potential future costs. Conservation shophouses might have specific restoration or maintenance needs that could impact costs down the line. Read More