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The difference between Grade B1 and Grade B2 for industrial buildings in Singapore is primarily related to the level of suitability for various industrial activities. Here's a breakdown of the key distinctions:

Grade B1 Industrial Buildings:

Focus: These buildings are designed for light industrial activities.
Examples: Activities such as warehousing, assembly lines for non-polluting products, research and development facilities, and clean workshops would typically be suited for Grade B1 buildings.
Features: They might have features like higher floor loadings (weight capacity) compared to commercial buildings, higher ceilings for storage purposes, and adequate power supply to support light machinery.
General Cleanliness: Grade B1 buildings are expected to maintain a cleaner environment compared to Grade B2.
Grade B2 Industrial Buildings:

Focus: These buildings cater to a wider range of industrial activities, including some light to medium industrial processes.
Examples: Manufacturing, workshops involving light machinery or assembly lines that might generate some dust or noise, or logistics companies with storage and distribution operations would be suitable for Grade B2 buildings.
Features: They might have similar features to Grade B1, but might have a more industrial feel to accommodate a wider range of activities. Floor loadings and power supply might be sufficient for some moderate machinery use.
Accommodating Broader Uses: While expected to maintain a functional industrial environment, Grade B2 buildings might allow for slightly more noise or dust compared to Grade B1.
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