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According to URA Space, CT Hub 2 is zoned Business 1 (B1).

B1 industrial properties are for clean or light industrial properties which are suitable for clean and light trades which are involved in light manufacturing activities.

B1 is suitable for computer software developments, distribution services, assembly and repair of computer hardware and electronic equipment, printing, publishing and allied industries, packing of dried foodstuff and warehouse except for storage of chemicals.

Under B1, a maximum of 40% of the space can be for ancillary use such as:
- Ancillary Office
- Meeting Room
- Showroom
- Selected Commercial Uses (In outlying areas)
- Childcare Centre
- Industrial Canteen
- Workers' Dormitory
- Ancillary Display Area

It is wise for you to find out the approved use of the premises first, and check if you have to apply for change of use approval. It is also important that you apply for approval for the proposed use, before buying or renting a property.

You will have to apply for planning permission before carrying out the change of use when:
• proposing to change the use of a premises from one Use Class to another, or
• It involves a use that does not fall within any Use Class.

You can use URA's online development register to download the Grant of Written Permission, if the premises has been granted approval for a specific use here: https://www.ura.gov.sg/maps/?service=devtreg

Downloading of the decision is free.

However, planning decisions given before the year 2000 may not be available online. For such cases, you should make an enquiry with URA. There is a search fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST).

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