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Choosing a retail shop for your first business venture in Singapore requires careful consideration of several factors. Here's a guide to help you navigate the process and what to take note of when reviewing the contract:


Identify high-traffic areas with your target market in mind. Consider factors such as accessibility, visibility, nearby amenities, and competition. A strategic location can significantly impact your business's success.

Foot Traffic and Demographics:

Evaluate foot traffic in the area and ensure it aligns with your target demographic. Look for areas with a steady flow of potential customers who match your ideal customer profile.

Size and Layout:

Assess the size and layout of the retail space to ensure it meets your business needs. Consider factors such as display areas, storage space, fitting rooms (if applicable), and overall layout efficiency.

Rental Costs and Expenses:

Determine your budget for rental costs and other expenses associated with leasing the retail space. Negotiate favorable lease terms and consider additional costs such as utilities, maintenance fees, and taxes.

Lease Terms and Contract:

Review the lease terms carefully and seek clarification on any ambiguous clauses or terms. Pay attention to the following:

Lease duration and renewal options

Rental rates and payment terms

Responsibilities for maintenance, repairs, and utilities

Permitted use of the premises

Any restrictions or limitations imposed by the landlord

Termination clauses and penalties

Rights to sublease or assign the lease

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure that the retail space complies with relevant laws, regulations, and zoning restrictions. Obtain necessary permits and licenses for your business operations.

Physical Condition and Maintenance:

Inspect the physical condition of the retail space for any damages, structural issues, or safety hazards. Clarify the landlord's responsibilities for maintenance and repairs.

Landlord Reputation and Relationship:

Research the landlord's reputation and past dealings with tenants. Establish a positive and professional relationship with the landlord to facilitate smooth communication and resolution of any issues that may arise.

Future Expansion and Flexibility:

Consider your long-term business goals and whether the retail space offers room for expansion or flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Seek Professional Advice:

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Choosing of retail shop depend on the products or services u are selling or providing. U might not need one with high traffic with high premium rental. Your product/services might also work in a destination location.

For retail space, you need to look at the time of operation too . To be in a mall or a standalone shop. being in one that does not control ur longer operation hrs till 2359 but contribute to higher SP expenses ...

There are many factors that will contritute to the success of ur venture.

I will suggest u do a discussion with an agent who is familiar with commercial space rental

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