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The GB Building at 143 Cecil Street, Singapore is a 99-year leasehold property (https://property.jll.com.sg/).

Based on this information, assuming the building was completed and its leasehold began around the time it was built (1982 according to the same source), here's how to estimate the remaining lease:

Construction Year (approx): 1982

Leasehold Duration: 99 years

Calculation (as of today March 23, 2024):

Current Year: 2024

Years Elapsed (approx): 2024 - 1982 = 42 years

Estimated Remaining Lease:

Original Lease - Elapsed Years = 99 years - 42 years = 57 years (approx)

Important Note:

This is an approximate calculation based on publicly available information. The actual remaining lease term might differ slightly.

For the most accurate information on the remaining lease of GB Building, it's advisable to consult the following resources:

Property Title Deed: This document will definitively state the lease commencement date and remaining lease tenure.

The Building Management: The building management might have access to the most recent information on the lease.

SG Land Registry: A formal leasehold search through the Singapore Land Registry ([invalid URL removed]) can provide the most precise details.

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