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Hi, you need to go down to hdb hub 3rd storey commercial properties section. Over there, you can purchase the floor plan. Think need to pay $30. Tks. Ander ERA 96836230  Read More
Lester Chen 陈楷融
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Lester Chen 陈楷融
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Getting a floor plan for an HDB shop house can be a bit more challenging compared to obtaining a residential floor plan from HDB. Here are some ways you might be able to acquire one:

**1. Contact the Current Owner (if applicable):**

* If you're considering buying a specific HDB shop house, contacting the current owner or their agent might be your best bet. They might have the floor plan readily available and willing to share it with you.

**2. Architect or Renovation Contractor (if applicable):**

* If the HDB shop house has undergone significant renovations, the architect or renovation contractor involved in the project might have a copy of the original floor plan or the modified version reflecting the renovations.

**3. HDB (Limited Availability):**

* Unlike residential units, HDB doesn't provide readily downloadable floor plans for shop houses on their website. However, you can try contacting HDB directly to inquire about the possibility of obtaining the floor plan. There's a chance they might have it on file, but there's no guarantee and they might require a specific reason for your request.

**4. Alternative Resources:**

* **Similar Shop Houses:** If you can find a real estate listing for a similar HDB shop house with a floor plan included, it might give you a general idea of the layout, even if it's not the exact unit you're interested in.
* **Professional Measurement and Drawing Services:** If none of the above options work out, you could consider hiring an architect or draftsperson to measure the shop house and create a floor plan for you. This would be a more expensive option, but it would provide the most accurate and detailed floor plan.

Here are some additional points to keep in mind:

* **Floor Plan Availability:** HDB shop houses are older buildings, and floor plans might not be readily available for all units.
* **Modifications:** Many HDB shop houses might have undergone renovations over the years, so the original floor plan might not reflect the current layout.

**If obtaining a floor plan is crucial for your purposes, it's recommended to explore all the options mentioned above and weigh the feasibility and cost involved.**
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