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Change of use is required and it subject to landlord approval too

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My Answer with regards to your Question:

Determining whether Space 21 in Singapore can be used for religious activities would depend on various factors, including the specific location, zoning regulations, and the policies set by the property owner or management. Here are steps you can take to find out:

1. **Contact the Property Owner or Management:**

- Reach out to the owner or management of Space 21. They can provide information on the allowed uses of the space and any specific restrictions or guidelines regarding religious activities.

2. **Check Zoning Regulations:**

- Investigate local zoning regulations for the specific area where Space 21 is located. Zoning laws dictate the allowable uses of a space, and you can find this information from the relevant local authorities.

3. **Consult Local Authorities:**

- Contact the local authorities, such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in Singapore, to inquire about the permitted uses of the space and any necessary permits or approvals for religious activities.

4. **Review Lease or Rental Agreement:**

- If you are renting or leasing Space 21, review the terms of the agreement. The lease or rental agreement may specify the allowed uses of the space, including whether religious activities are permitted.

5. **Consider Community Guidelines:**

- Check if there are any community guidelines or restrictions in the area where Space 21 is located. Some neighborhoods or developments may have specific rules regarding the use of spaces for religious purposes.

6. **Seek Legal Advice if Needed:**

- If there is uncertainty or if you encounter any challenges, consider seeking legal advice. A legal professional with expertise in property and zoning laws in Singapore can provide guidance.

Always ensure that any activities conducted in Space 21 comply with local laws and regulations to avoid potential legal issues. Additionally, proactive communication with the property owner or management and obtaining necessary permits can help ensure a smooth process for using the space for religious activities.

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