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Dear Mr Lee

Here are my answer:

1) What is the eligibility to buy an office for future rental purpose?
You can buy as many as your financing allows.

2) Does HDB rule on "one person one flat" applies here?

3) Is there freehold lease for office? (as to
residential flat)
Yes, there are freehold and leasehold. In fact, there will be afew office project launches. Sms me your email and I will send you more details.

4) What are the consideration to purchase an commercial space?
There are many considerations, your financing ability, capital growth expectation, rental yield expectation, risk appetite, investment duration...etc.

A smart investor make a purchase knowing they will make money and not hoping to make money. I've helped many clients make their investment and grow an investment portfolio over time. Give me a call at 96855070  .

5) Can we use CPF to purchase commercial property?
No, CPF cannot be use to purchase commercial property.

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