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Hello Michael,

the answer to your question is "Yes". You are allowed to buy commercial properties even if you have not completed your MOP.

If you are looking for an affordable commercial property to start your investment portfolio, do let me know. I have many offices with varying price ranges. The most value-for-money unit I have right now is just $300K and is in a central location with good en-bloc potential.

But do take note that commercial property payment does not involve CPF and only cash is allowed. Banks will also be allowed to loan you maximum up to 70%. I hope this helps! Please contact me if you are keen to explore further. Thank you very much!

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Dear Michael

You can invest in pure commerical or industrial property within your MOP period.

However please note that you cannot invest in commerical or industrial properties that has residential accommodation.

Do call me at (65)-9745-5178  or email miketaysoen@gmail.com for any clarification.

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Mike Tay (郑树荣)

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Regard to your question. Why not you just drop me an email at ot1984pierre@gmail.com or Contact me @ +65 8 2 7 9 8 3 2 7

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