sale price range
S$ 3,588,888 S$ 18,000,000
rental price range
S$ 4,500 S$ 14,000
Kampong Glam Shop House
North Bridge Road, 188797, Beach Road / Bugis / Rochor (D07)


Project Name

Kampong Glam Shop House

project type





Unknown Tenure


S$ 836 - S$ 9,744

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units



Kampong Glam Shop House
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Facilities & Amenities


  • Car Park

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
660 North Bridge Road (S) 188797N/AN/A
662 North Bridge Road (S) 188798N/AN/A
664 North Bridge Road (S) 188799N/AN/A
666 North Bridge Road (S) 188800N/AN/A
668 North Bridge Road (S) 188801N/AN/A
670 North Bridge Road (S) 188802N/AN/A
672 North Bridge Road (S) 188803N/AN/A
674 North Bridge Road (S) 188804N/AN/A
676 North Bridge Road (S) 188805N/AN/A
678 North Bridge Road (S) 188806N/AN/A
680 North Bridge Road (S) 188807N/AN/A
2 Haji Lane (S) 189195N/AN/A
4 Haji Lane (S) 189197N/AN/A
7 Haji Lane (S) 189200N/AN/A
9 Haji Lane (S) 189202N/AN/A
10 Haji Lane (S) 189203N/AN/A
11 Haji Lane (S) 189204N/AN/A
12 Haji Lane (S) 189205N/AN/A
14 Haji Lane (S) 189207N/AN/A
15 Haji Lane (S) 189208N/AN/A
16 Haji Lane (S) 189209N/AN/A
17 Haji Lane (S) 189210N/AN/A
18 Haji Lane (S) 189211N/AN/A
19 Haji Lane (S) 189212N/AN/A
20 Haji Lane (S) 189213N/AN/A
21 Haji Lane (S) 189214N/AN/A
22 Haji Lane (S) 189215N/AN/A
23 Haji Lane (S) 189216N/AN/A
24 Haji Lane (S) 189217N/AN/A
25 Haji Lane (S) 189218N/AN/A
26 Haji Lane (S) 189219N/AN/A
27 Haji Lane (S) 189220N/AN/A
28 Haji Lane (S) 189221N/AN/A
29 Haji Lane (S) 189222N/AN/A
30 Haji Lane (S) 189223N/AN/A
31 Haji Lane (S) 189224N/AN/A
32 Haji Lane (S) 189225N/AN/A
33 Haji Lane (S) 189226N/AN/A
34 Haji Lane (S) 189227N/AN/A
35 Haji Lane (S) 189228N/AN/A
36 Haji Lane (S) 189229N/AN/A
37 Haji Lane (S) 189230N/AN/A
38 Haji Lane (S) 189231N/AN/A
39 Haji Lane (S) 189232N/AN/A
40 Haji Lane (S) 189233N/AN/A
41 Haji Lane (S) 189234N/AN/A
42 Haji Lane (S) 189235N/AN/A
43 Haji Lane (S) 189236N/AN/A
44 Haji Lane (S) 189237N/AN/A
45 Haji Lane (S) 189238N/AN/A
46 Haji Lane (S) 189239N/AN/A
47 Haji Lane (S) 189240N/AN/A
48 Haji Lane (S) 189241N/AN/A
50 Haji Lane (S) 189243N/AN/A
51 Haji Lane (S) 189244N/AN/A
53 Haji Lane (S) 189246N/AN/A
54 Haji Lane (S) 189247N/AN/A
55 Haji Lane (S) 189248N/AN/A
56 Haji Lane (S) 189249N/AN/A
57 Haji Lane (S) 189250N/AN/A
58 Haji Lane (S) 189251N/AN/A
59 Haji Lane (S) 189252N/AN/A
60 Haji Lane (S) 189253N/AN/A
61 Haji Lane (S) 189254N/AN/A
62 Haji Lane (S) 189255N/AN/A
63 Haji Lane (S) 189256N/AN/A
64 Haji Lane (S) 189257N/AN/A
65 Haji Lane (S) 189258N/AN/A
66 Haji Lane (S) 189259N/AN/A
67 Haji Lane (S) 189260N/AN/A
68 Haji Lane (S) 189261N/AN/A
69 Haji Lane (S) 189262N/AN/A
70 Haji Lane (S) 189263N/AN/A
71 Haji Lane (S) 189264N/AN/A
72 Haji Lane (S) 189265N/AN/A
73 Haji Lane (S) 189266N/AN/A
74 Haji Lane (S) 189267N/AN/A
75 Haji Lane (S) 189268N/AN/A
76 Haji Lane (S) 189269N/AN/A
78 Haji Lane (S) 189270N/AN/A
80 Haji Lane (S) 189271N/AN/A
82 Haji Lane (S) 189272N/AN/A
84 Haji Lane (S) 189273N/AN/A
243 Beach Road (S) 189754N/AN/A
245 Beach Road (S) 189755N/AN/A
247 Beach Road (S) 189756N/AN/A
249 Beach Road (S) 189757N/AN/A
718 North Bridge Road (S) 198686N/AN/A
720 North Bridge Road (S) 198688N/AN/A
722 North Bridge Road (S) 198690N/AN/A
724 North Bridge Road (S) 198692N/AN/A
726 North Bridge Road (S) 198694N/AN/A
728 North Bridge Road (S) 198696N/AN/A
730 North Bridge Road (S) 198698N/AN/A
732 North Bridge Road (S) 198700N/AN/A
736 North Bridge Road (S) 198704N/AN/A
739 North Bridge Road (S) 198707N/AN/A
785 North Bridge Road (S) 198753N/AN/A
787 North Bridge Road (S) 198755N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Bussorah Street 199432N/AN/A
Building @ 13 Bussorah Street 199434N/AN/A
14 Baghdad Street (S) 199653N/AN/A
16 Baghdad Street (S) 199655N/AN/A
17 Baghdad Street (S) 199656N/AN/A
18 Baghdad Street (S) 199657N/AN/A
19 Baghdad Street (S) 199658N/AN/A
21 Baghdad Street (S) 199660N/AN/A
23 Baghdad Street (S) 199662N/AN/A
25 Baghdad Street (S) 199664N/AN/A
12 Baghdad Street (S) 199669N/AN/A
23 Arab Street (S) 199722N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Arab Street 199724N/AN/A
27 Arab Street (S) 199726N/AN/A
Building @ 29 Arab Street 199728N/AN/A
31 Arab Street (S) 199730N/AN/A
33 Arab Street (S) 199732N/AN/A
34 Arab Street (S) 199733N/AN/A
35 Arab Street (S) 199734N/AN/A
36 Arab Street (S) 199735N/AN/A
38 Arab Street (S) 199737N/AN/A
39 Arab Street (S) 199738N/AN/A
40 Arab Street (S) 199739N/AN/A
41 Arab Street (S) 199740N/AN/A
42 Arab Street (S) 199741N/AN/A
43 Arab Street (S) 199742N/AN/A
45 Arab Street (S) 199743N/AN/A
47 Arab Street (S) 199744N/AN/A
48 Arab Street (S) 199745N/AN/A
49 Arab Street (S) 199746N/AN/A
50 Arab Street (S) 199747N/AN/A
51 Arab Street (S) 199748N/AN/A
52 Arab Street (S) 199749N/AN/A
53 Arab Street (S) 199750N/AN/A
54 Arab Street (S) 199751N/AN/A
55 Arab Street (S) 199752N/AN/A
56 Arab Street (S) 199753N/AN/A
57 Arab Street (S) 199754N/AN/A
58 Arab Street (S) 199755N/AN/A
59 Arab Street (S) 199756N/AN/A
60 Arab Street (S) 199757N/AN/A
61 Arab Street (S) 199758N/AN/A
62 Arab Street (S) 199759N/AN/A
63 Arab Street (S) 199760N/AN/A
64 Arab Street (S) 199761N/AN/A
65 Arab Street (S) 199762N/AN/A
66 Arab Street (S) 199763N/AN/A
67 Arab Street (S) 199764N/AN/A
68 Arab Street (S) 199765N/AN/A
69 Arab Street (S) 199766N/AN/A
70 Arab Street (S) 199767N/AN/A
71 Arab Street (S) 199768N/AN/A
72 Arab Street (S) 199769N/AN/A
73 Arab Street (S) 199770N/AN/A
74 Arab Street (S) 199771N/AN/A
75 Arab Street (S) 199772N/AN/A
76 Arab Street (S) 199773N/AN/A
77 Arab Street (S) 199774N/AN/A
78 Arab Street (S) 199775N/AN/A
Building @ 199776N/AN/A
80 Arab Street (S) 199777N/AN/A
81 Arab Street (S) 199778N/AN/A
83 Arab Street (S) 199779N/AN/A
84 Arab Street (S) 199780N/AN/A
85 Arab Street (S) 199781N/AN/A
86 Arab Street (S) 199782N/AN/A
87 Arab Street (S) 199783N/AN/A
88 Arab Street (S) 199784N/AN/A
89 Arab Street (S) 199785N/AN/A
90 Arab Street (S) 199786N/AN/A
91 Arab Street (S) 199787N/AN/A
92 Arab Street (S) 199788N/AN/A
93 Arab Street (S) 199789N/AN/A
94 Arab Street (S) 199790N/AN/A
95 Arab Street (S) 199791N/AN/A
96 Arab Street (S) 199792N/AN/A
97 Arab Street (S) 199793N/AN/A
98 Arab Street (S) 199794N/AN/A
99 Arab Street (S) 199795N/AN/A
100 Arab Street (S) 199796N/AN/A
101 Arab Street (S) 199797N/AN/A
102 Arab Street (S) 199798N/AN/A
103 Arab Street (S) 199799N/AN/A
104 Arab Street (S) 199800N/AN/A
105 Arab Street (S) 199801N/AN/A
106 Arab Street (S) 199802N/AN/A
107 Arab Street (S) 199803N/AN/A
108 Arab Street (S) 199804N/AN/A
109 Arab Street (S) 199805N/AN/A
110 Arab Street (S) 199806N/AN/A
111 Arab Street (S) 199807N/AN/A
113 Arab Street (S) 199808N/AN/A
119 Arab Street (S) 199814N/AN/A
121 Arab Street (S) 199816N/AN/A
123 Arab Street (S) 199818N/AN/A
128 Arab Street (S) 199821N/AN/A
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