Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road, 307606, Newton / Novena (D11)


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Goldhill Centre

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Goldhill Centre is a commercial property located at 51, Thomson Road, 307638 in District 11. Goldhill Centre is primarily used for Office space rent and sale. Goldhill Centre is close to Novena MRT Station (NS20) and Newton MRT Station (NS21). It is near to several bus stops located at Novena Station – 50038, at United Square – 50021 and opposite Hotel Royal – 50061. Amenities near Goldhill Centre Goldhill Centre is near to several eateries located at nearby buildings such as Burger King at Goldhill Plaza and Food Junction at United Square. Goldhill Centre is within reasonable distance to Cold Storage Supermarket. It is also close United Square for an array of amenities such as grocery and retail shopping, banks and more. Goldhill Centre is accessible via Newton Road, Moulmein Road and Central Expressway.
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Facilities & Amenities


  • Car Park

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
Building @ 151-151B, Thomson Road, 307606N/AN/A
Building @ 153-153B, Thomson Road, 307607N/AN/A
Building @ 155-155B, Thomson Road, 307608N/AN/A
Building @ 157-157B, Thomson Road, 307610N/AN/A
Building @ 159-159B, Thomson Road, 307612N/AN/A
Building @ 161-161B, Thomson Road, 307614N/AN/A
Building @ 163-163B, Thomson Road, 307616N/AN/A
Building @ 165-165B, Thomson Road, 307618N/AN/A
Building @ 167-167B, Thomson Road, 307619N/AN/A
Building @ 169-169B, Thomson Road, 307621N/AN/A
Building @ 171-171B, Thomson Road, 307622N/AN/A
Building @ 173-173B, Thomson Road, 307623N/AN/A
Building @ 175-175B, Thomson Road, 307624N/AN/A
Building @ 177-177B, Thomson Road, 307625N/AN/A
Building @ 179-179B, Thomson Road, 307626N/AN/A
Building @ 181-181B, Thomson Road, 307627N/AN/A
Building @ 183-183B, Thomson Road, 307628N/AN/A
Building @ 185-185B, Thomson Road, 307629N/AN/A
Building @ 187-187B, Thomson Road, 307630N/AN/A
Building @ 189-189B, Thomson Road, 307631N/AN/A
Building @ 191-191B, Thomson Road, 307632N/AN/A
Building @ 193-193B, Thomson Road, 307633N/AN/A
Building @ 195-195B, Thomson Road, 307634N/AN/A
Building @ 197-197B, Thomson Road, 307635N/AN/A
Building @ 199-199B, Thomson Road, 307636N/AN/A
Building @ 201-201B, Thomson Road, 307637N/AN/A
Building @ 203-203B, Thomson Road, 307638N/AN/A
Building @ 205-205B, Thomson Road, 307639N/AN/A
Building @ 207-207B, Thomson Road, 307640N/AN/A
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