Mark Wang

Mark Wang

CEA Registration No. R008758D
Agency License No. L3002382K
14 years with PropertyGuru

About Mark

Hi Clients

I strongly believe that real estate investment is not about just selling or buying. In today market, there is a need to leverage on tools and data to analyse the best interest and price of the property.

As a trained engineer, I am always systematic and logical in my thoughts. Each clients have a different case and no one case is the same. Hence, it is important to understand and analyse each case before applying strategies to each scenario. I will then craft out a logical step by step approach to meet the needs of the clients.

In addition, as I was a trained lecturer, I was also taught intensively about human behaviours and thoughts. Capturing the sellers / buyers thoughts is a desirable skillset to influence the deal on the table. This is certainly value adding to all my clients.

Sellers / Landlord
Coupled with my comprehensive marketing plan which aims to drives maximum exposure for the property, sellers are be able to sell their property in less than 12 weeks. My 12 week customise marketing plan is cater to pull in potential buyers from different target segment. In addition, there will be a weekly update on Sunday night for owners with regards to the respond for the activity on that particular week. A monthly meeting will be set-up with the seller (face-to-face) to review the work done and results obtained.

Buyers / Tenant
Many clients told me that they prefer to view properties on their own without an agent, to cut the hassle and obligations. It is clearly possible, however, clients do forget that that they are entering a property unrepresented and unprotected. The seller's or landlord's agent DO NOT represent you and hence has no obligation to negotiate the best deal for you. In a simple analogy, you are going to court to fight a legal case without a lawyer, will you represent yourself in a legal entanglement? As your representative for your purchase or rental, we are there to act on behalf on you, ensuring that you have the best deal and the transaction has no complication. It is like a safety net for you.

My main focus area is district 9, 10, 11 and 15. However, due to expansion and referrals, I do cover most part of Singapore now.

Please feel free to contact me or email for any clarification on property matters. My service is always there for you!

Specialities & Services
  • Apartment Rental
  • Apartment Sales
  • Landed House Rental
  • Landed House Sales
  • HDB Rental
  • HDB Sales
  • Relocation Services