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Citi Commercial’s Beginning…

Citi Commercial founded during the financial crisis in 2009, is a real estate consultancy and brokerage agency with focus in the commercial sector.
Despite starting in a tumultuous time, it has since grown from strength to strength. *************************** Our Vision and Values *************************** The vision of Citi Commercial is to be a leading real estate agency that provides brokerage and consultancy services to enterprises in the management of their business spaces. Citi Commercial has a team of real estate consultants who are energetic, service-oriented, and trustworthy. The culture of Citi Commercial encourages all members to work together in an open, collaborative, committed, disciplined, honest, and innovative way, with the clients’ interests being the priority. This culture is a result of the values that the company embraces – Client-centric, Integrity, Tenacity, and Innovation. In this fast pace information-age where clients are more expectant for fast and accurate market information with corresponding high quality service standard, Citi Commercial fulfill this need in the corporate real estate market. *************** Our Services *************** Citi Commercial provides professional services in business space leasing and sales especially to the small and medium enterprises. Citi Commercial prides itself in providing client-oriented and customised solutions for their clients’ office, industrial, and retail space needs. As part of the customised service, Citi Commercial provides well-informed leasing solutions; cost effective options with detailed cost analysis proposals; and up-to-date market intelligence and news. The firm also assists investors to search for suitable investment properties to enhance their investment portfolio, and business owners to shortlist and analyse potential business spaces for their own occupancy. Citi Commercial is committed to provide a client-oriented service by leveraging on technology and innovation and to act in the best interest of its clients with integrity and professionalism. With its commitment and efficient processes, Citi Commercial is able to value add and contribute to their clients’ success and growth. Some of its corporate clients include Asiasons Capital Group, ATP Instone Singapore, Reliance Asset Management and Linc Energy Limited. ***************************** Commitment to the Team ***************************** Apart from the commitment to its clients, Citi Commercial is equally committed to its associates. The company truly believes that its success is intimately hinged on the success of every associate of the company. As long as Citi Commercial provides the structure for effective mentorship, excellent support, and fair opportunities and compensation, the company believes that every associate with the right attitude and huge dose of hard work will be well positioned to succeed in this industry. Through the company’s training and mentorship programme, and proprietary support system, the associates are fully equipped to help enterprises manage their business space needs, be it office, retail, restaurant, factory, or warehousing. *************** The Founder *************** Mr Kong Chong Phang, the Founder, Managing Director and Key Executive Officer of Citi Commercial is a mechanical engineer by training and has more than a decade of experience in real estate consultancy. With a systematic mind of an engineer, Mr Kong automated several operational processes by harnessing the power of technology. Being a strong believer of mentorship, he personally trains all associates and motivates them to serve clients with a passion through role modeling. One of his aspirations is for all associates who join Citi Commercial become top-notch and successful real estate consultants through his mentorship programme. They in turn become inspiration and mentors to new associates. In this way, the company shall continue to groom more and more consultants, and thus expand its operation to serve and benefit more enterprises. ************** Testimonies ************** "Kong and his team were was extremely responsive and helpful during our search for office space in Singapore. They listened to our requirements and carefully selected suitable properties resulting in a swift and successful conclusion to our search. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a new space." Nick Aston, Commercial Director at World First Asia. “I am very satisfied with Kong's knowledge of the commercial real estate in Singapore. There are a lot of agents in Singapore but Kong has in-depth knowledge of the market and he its team is also very trustworthy. I would recommend him without hesitation to any colleagues or friends looking for office space in Singapore. -Jean-Philippe Crochet, Investment Manager at Sunline Wealth Management. “I am impressed by Citi Commercial’s standard of professionalism and care. They were speedy and informative and certainly had my company’s interests at heart. Many thanks Citi Commercial.” -Chiang Kwok Shong, Executive Director of Asiasons Private Equity Pte Ltd. “Kong was the salesperson who informed us on the availability of a beautiful 1930s art deco building in the CBD. He understood our company and the type of premises that would interest us, and knew that it would be a good match. He was also efficient in the negotiation process, and helped us get the deal done quickly. We are very excited with what we are planning for the space, and hope it becomes an iconic F&B destination in the heart of the financial district.” Andrew Ing, Chief Operations Officer, The Lo & Behold Group. “…I cannot speak highly enough of Citi Commercial in supporting our entry into this new jurisdiction… Citi Commercial was able to effectively shortlist potential office sites for me to view, negotiate highly competitive terms with the respective landlords… I would gladly recommend Citi Commercial's team to any company wanting to establish office space in Singapore.” -Janelle van de Velde, President Corporate Services Linc Energy Limited. “Kong has proven to be a good ambassador of trustworthiness… I can strongly recommend Kong and his companies and any partner that he refers to. As I believe such professional approach is very important in this ever-changing business environment…” -Kim Frost Fuglsang, Managing Director of ATP Instone Singapore.
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