Jowell Chia 谢炳耀

Jowell Chia 谢炳耀

Associate Group Director
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About Jowell

Welcome to PropertySHAPE,

Jowell & Aeryn are a Real Estate Couple Team with combine present more than 20years in Singapore’s Real Estate Industry.
To Home buyers, Singapore is a unique country where many people around the world call Her their home. We believe how we choose a Home to Live, Stay or Invest S.H.A.P.E us in many ways, either tangible or intangible attribute. S – Surrounding, Space H – Habit, Habitual A – Atmosphere P – Price, Place, Product, People E – Enjoyment, Ecosystem Some of the attributes maybe. Layout of the house relates to space within the unit – How we interact within or in between these spaces? Location of the house connect us with the surrounding – How we form our daily routine within the surrounding we are in? – And also, how connectivity of the location allows us to travel from point A to B timely. Demand & Supply – How to determine the purchase price and what is the exit strategy? – How to choose the best property that suit us the most? With our deep knowledge of Singapore Real Estate's property cycle, each region's performance, URA's planning, Sales & Purchase procedures for both HDB and Private Property, We believe we can help you to plan your property profolio tp achieve you potential through Singapore's Real Estate. Let's chat today! We are just a call away. -------------------------------------- To Seller, Singapore Real Estate Market have constantly evolve the way we market properties. Traditionally, newspaper have dominated the main source of marketing for real estate for decades before online presence start to gain viewership. We are also constantly update our marketing funnels to ensure we stay relevant and our clients can benefit from our marketing expertise. With the emerging presence of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, relying on online property portals alone is no longer pivot in selling properties. Studies have shown that viewers have spent more time on social media and search engine platform like Google to search for information on real estate. We founded the brand PropertySHAPE to better position ourselves as frontrunner for social media marketer in real estate. We aim to create home tours with informative knowledge narrative as main element for our clients' properties, As our brand name imply: - Staging: Every home is unique and deserve to bring out its best appearance. Through our home staging system, we will revamp the entire home to bring out its best functional layout and perspective to buyers, for them to relates the space within the unit. Home Story: Every property is unique and have its own story to tell. We want to bring out its best characteristic for buyers to appreciate by creating unique content for the property which allow buyers to envision before they come down to view the actual unit. We aim to provide comprehensive information and transaction data presentation to incorporate into our home tours with narrative so to provide a unique experience of the property we market and equipped with information required for buyers to make swift decision. Attribute: Through our personalize home story, every unit attribute is further enhance to bring out the intrinsic value. Present: Beside presenting the property in its best angles, We aim to make the property to reach its full potential by making them present in social media and search engine platforms. Establish: We aim to make the property to reach its full exposure by establish connection with its potential buyers, using our target audience system by making them appear to the right audience in social media and search engine platforms. We believe if there is not enough viewership on the listing then it is difficult to reach out to the right buyer. With our curated S.H.A.P.E system, we believe we can help your property to reach its full potential for you. Let's chat today! We are just a call away. Some of our personalised websites for home owners to push out to target audiences: (A 4rm HDB at SengKang) (A 3.5 storey freehold landed in Springside) (A premium 3brm in Martin Modern) (A 2 bedroom in integrated project in the west Tennery) Some of our new developments we are marketing in city area: - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Mortgage Advisory

  • Relocation Services

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Jowell Chia 谢炳耀
Jowell Chia 谢炳耀
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