Isabelle Loo

Isabelle Loo

Senior Marketing Director
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About Isabelle

Isabelle grew up in a fairly affluent family in her secondary school years, whose family’s wealth quickly evaporated with the protracted cancer treatment of her mother.
Her mother’s death when she was 17 years old left her family broken, spiritually and financially. She self-supported herself painfully through her university years in Business Administration, NUS. She majored in Finance as she was very good with numbers. Her Finance learning, with her grief and reflection on life made her determined that she would never want to feel the pain of poverty again. Realising her parents’ mistakes for not investing in insurance and assets, she self-paid her first insurance policy when she was 19 from an insurance lady that knocked on her house door. Property Passion After her university graduation in 1996, Isabelle witnessed the phenomenal rise of property prices in the following years. After buying her first matrimonial HDB home at 28 years old, she invested in her first private condo property at 34 years old using the cash bonus accumulated from that insurance and some savings. She went on to invest in her own business in property management. With her earnings, she sold her HDB and invested in a portfolio of private residences, land and office locally and overseas. Isabelle aspires to help all her clients achieve life goals through wealth creation by asset progression. May it be for an early retirement, multiple round-the-world trips or sending your children overseas for tertiary education, Isabelle will help you realise your dreams.
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Sales

  • Commercial Property

  • Relocation Services

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