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Where Gavin Operates

  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)

  • East Coast (D15-16)

  • West (D22-24)

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About Gavin

Hi Friends,

How you think determines on how you will buy, whether you are selling or leasing.
This requires a good knowledge and experience in real estate. Clients come to us to find a home to stay or for long term investment as we had about 14 years handling local and overseas real estate. We are an adviser who focuses on our clients’ real estate needs starting with their 1st home to their retirement home. The value we bring is in our consultation as it is an accumulation of years of study and full time practice. Be it their new home, upgrade or resize, they needed our guidance and advisory on the housing policy, use of CPF fund, applicable stamp duty. They look to us for support in formulating strategies to adopt, whether be it a straight buy; buy first, sell later; sell first, buy later or structuring sales. The varied issues and procedure involve in buying or selling a home; our knowledge and experience help to smoothen the journey to a fruition without much anxiety and stress in a transaction. Be they, a first timer, second or third timer who after searching the internet and newspapers advertisement come to us for help to navigate the complexity of the real estate market. If you have any of these challenges? You may text Gavin at 9620 0827  for a casual chat. We can help.
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

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