Gabriel Tan 陈玟志

Gabriel Tan 陈玟志

  • CEA Registration No. R028835J

  • Agency License No. L3010738A

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Relocating, upsizing, downsizing, or preparing to build your own requires product and market knowledge, time and probably stress.
You need an experienced real estate agent to maximize or minimize these requirements. You will also want an advisor who lives by the ethics expected from a professional realtor. Commissions do not make a successful real estate agent, referrals do. My objective is to use my experience, knowledge, education and integrity to the benefit of my clients. My clients then refer me to their family, friends, associates, acquaintances and neighbours. We develop lasting, working relationships. I am your agent before, during and BEYOND...... My aim is to provide a ‘‘one stop service’’. Providing a window to the best range of new properties on the market to help you find your ideal home and then taking you every step of the way, right up until you take the keys. Call me right now for all your real estate needs! Testimonials From Clients: From: Isis Arechavala Subject: Review To: Cc: Juan Diego Bermúdez Hi Gabriel, From the first time we met Gabriel, we knew we were in good hands. We contacted him while we were still living in Dubai and on our way to Singapore for a few days to scout houses and locations. On very short notice, Gabriel was able to arrange several viewings for us. Once we relocated to Singapore, he made it his mission to help us find our new home. He guided us throughout the entire process and we truly felt like he was looking after our interests - exactly what you hope from a real estate agent. Not only is Gabriel knowledgeable in his field, but he goes out of his way to make you feel welcome. From introducing us to some delicious traditional Singaporean treats to entertaining our toddler while we were busy inspecting properties. If any of our friends decide to move here, we’ll be sure to pass on his number. Best, Isis & JD From: "Suzanne Ship" Subject: Please see below - testimonial for future clients. To: "gabriel Tan" I have no hesitation in recommending Gabriel Tan Boon Chee, (Reg number 028835). From the first meeting with Gabriel, he took care to find out about us and our requirements so that he could start to match properties more closely to our needs. He kept in touch almost daily with us and liaised with any agents of properties we liked. Our move from the UK was a huge undertaking but Gabriel made the transition as painless as possible by not only finding us a property that suited our lifestyle, pocket and travel to work but introducing us to local customs and dealing with the bureaucracy that goes with setting up home. Nothing was too much trouble. Even after finding us a property, Gabriel remains in touch in order to ensure that any teething problems at our apartment are resolved smoothly and quickly. He really does live up to his name. We will be insisting that any colleagues from the UK use his services. Kind regards, Suzanne and Peter Ship ------------------------------------------------------- From: Tatsuro Nadoyama Subject: 推薦状 To: Gabriel Tan Gabriel氏(Mr. Gabriel Tan/ R028835J)は、シンガポール赴任直後、右も左もわからなかった私が最初にインターネットで見つけたエージェントでした。 せっかくシンガポールに来たのだから、現地のことを知っているエージェントが良いと思い連絡してみたのですが会うまでは不安でした。 もし相性が悪ければ日本のエージェントに乗り換えるつもりでしたが、最初から彼に出会えたのはとても運が良かったと思います。 彼は、私の好みをきちんと把握するために、私の予算や勤務先を聞いたあと、その条件に合ういくつかの全く違うエリアの物件の内見に連れて行き、そのエリアの説明や物件の特徴を説明してくれました。その後、私の感想を聞くことで私の好みを把握して次に内見する物件をアレンジし、徐々に絞り込んでいくアプローチをとってくれました。 決して契約を急かすことなく、借り主の納得いく物件が見つかるまで付き合ってくれます。私の場合は合計10の物件のうち20ユニットほどを回りました。 また、人柄も良く、交渉や手続きの難しい話は誤解が生じないようにメールやSMSでやってほしいというと快く応じてくれ、また私のつたない英語も辛抱強く聞いてくれました。 家主との交渉でもしっかりと借り手の立場に立ってサポートしてくれます。 彼は日本語はできません。日本人に特化したエージェントを使えば確かに楽でしょうが、餅は餅屋。やはり現地の情報量では勝てないと思います。彼は返信も早く、待たされることもありません。 シンガポールで不動産をお探しの方で英語である程度のコミュニケーションが取れるのなら私は間違いなくGabriel氏をお薦めします。 名渡山達郎 _________________________________________ From: "Amanda Han" To: "gabriel Tan" Subject: thank you Dear Gabriel, 来新加坡之前,对于这边的房产市场知之甚少。公司只给了两周的临时住房,带着一家从上海搬迁到新加坡,诸多的不确定因素,还好很幸运能在众多的经纪中找到Gabriel。 我记得在来新之前的一个月,我在网上查找新加坡的房产经纪,撒网般将自己的需求发给了几个看起来比较有经验,有眼缘的经纪。 Gabriel在第二天上午就电话回复我。通过短暂的交谈,我觉得Gabriel非常专业,而且还为我提供了不少颇具建设性的意见。当得知我在为孩子找寻国际学校时,Gabriel 还给我发来了国际学校的网址连接参考。至此,我基本确定Gabriel就是我要寻找的专业经纪了。 在上海的时间里,Gabriel 也细心地和我保持沟通,并建议我在学校确定后,找房子比较稳妥。 来到新加坡之后,Gabriel第一时间和我取得联系。约好时间后,Gabriel开车来我暂住地带我们一家开始看房。在此过程中,Gabriel始终周到细致:带看之前做好了list,列出基本信息,及时和我们沟通对于每间屋子的看法,根据我们的需求变更和预算,及时调整并重新搜索新的房源。 最终我们在两周的时间内定下房子。Gabriel也为我们搞定了一切手续。之后,对于我们在新的生活,Gabriel也细心给予建议、帮助。在此,我要感谢Gabriel的专业和热情! Amanda From: Adrienne Kane Subject: Referral To: gabriel Tan After 12 yrs of living in Singapore and with numerous moves under my belt I can finally say with great confidence that Gabriel has been the most pleasant, efficient and caring agent I have worked with to date. Gabriel took the time to “hear” what myself and my family’s needs were. Each property he took us to ticked all the boxes but it was the 5th property which won us over. The experience was much more enjoyable than expected as Gabriel hadn’t wasted our time, he had clearly researched only those that ticked our boxes. My husband was overseas when I chose our current home, he was shocked and extremely happy with the ease at which everything fell into place, within weeks of first searching we were already moved in and settled. Thanks you so much Gabriel for finding our home and for making the move so easy, Cheers Adrienne
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